Valencia Sisters

February 11, 2021

The Liliths have been very busy releasing new covers and videos the last couple of months with familiar tunes and Christmas music! Madeleine, Caroline, and bandmate Claudia have been making use of the great outdoors and empty indoor areas during the pandemic as the backdrops to their latest music videos and some of their friends have also gotten to join them in the experience. While they love being all together filming as a group, they also have been branching into solo covers with Madeleine doing songs such as Creep and Winter Wonderland and Caroline doing Once Upon A Dream and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Make sure to check out all of their latest videos on their YouTube page and two of the mentioned covers can be viewed below!

October 13, 2020

Madeleine and Caroline have been quite busy with their girl group The Lilliths! Last month they released their first cover “Say A Little Prayer” which was a tribute to Glee’s Naya Rivera. Due to the pandemic the girls filmed the video with bandmate Claudia Fabella virtually with a green screen, and they were so excited to release their first music video together. Fast forward to this past week and The Lilliths have just dropped their second cover! This time around they can be heard singing The Go Go’s “Our Lips are Sealed” with Caroline as the lead vocalist. This was the first time the band got to film together in person and they did so on location, enjoying an airport adventure! It was a lot of fun getting to film some of their shots on the plane steps and check out the museum of flight attendant uniforms in the video too! Both music videos have been added to the media section, and make sure to check them out below on YouTube. You can also follow The Lilliths on Instagram!

August 26, 2020

Exciting news, Madeleine and Caroline have formed a girl group called The Liliths! The girls have been working hard with friend and band mate Claudia Fabella on this new venture and look for their first cover to drop on Friday, September 4th! Make sure to follow the band on Instagram to be the first to catch the release!