Valencia Sisters

September 13, 2021

Get ready for a fresh new look because Madeleine and Caroline’s website has been completely revamped! Every section has a new set up as we have moved over to a new background system, and that also means it is time for new layouts! A big thank you goes out to Kaci for our theme and layout designs. Take a look around, watch some videos, and view the new look in the gallery too. Hopefully everyone enjoys the upgraded website!

Additionally, hopefully everyone is ready for photoshoots galore as Maddie and Caroline have been busy in front of the camera working with some incredible photographers! Shoots with Elizabeth Pettey, Mai Tilson, and Rafael Clemente have been added and it is amazing how each photographer is able to capture a different personality and style for Madeleine and Caroline in their session. Rafael brings the edgier look while Mai brings elegance and style, and Elizabeth’s shoots are colorful and full of fun. Madeleine and Caroline’s most recent sessions include shoots with Dan Howl and Nina Ottolino and those are also in the gallery with Nina’s shoot images featured in both new designs! The girls love working with Dan Howl who has been photographing not only them over the years, but their Mom growing up too! Meanwhile, Nina’s shoot incorporated some fantastic outdoor shots and the sister shots are among favorites, they totally rocked the trench coat style! Make sure to keep checking back as there are some exciting updates and news coming soon!

January 18, 2019

Madeleine and Caroline had an exciting time shooting with Rafael Clemente at the end of last year! The result was some fantastic photos that really show off a more edgy yet fun side to both of them, and Rafael was kind enough to send along some additional shots! From Maddie’s jean jacket look against that wonderful blue background to Caroline’s rocker girl look with her Rolling Stone’s tee new photos have been added to their albums. What an amazing photoshoot and the girls cannot wait to work with Raphael again in the future!

November 16, 2018

Madeleine and Caroline have been busy these days with shoots for Scholastic, Lego….and a new photoshoot! They recently shot with Rafael Clemente and it is clear to see why Rafael has been busy shooting the girls and their industry friends. Madeleine’s photos show off her fun personality, while also giving them a mature vibe straight out of a Guess catalog. Caroline’s images are stylish from her edgier look to fancy and sweet with a smile, and what a great way to end off the year headshots wise! Thank you Rafael for these new images, the girls had such a fantastic time working with you!

October 12, 2018

Madeleine and Caroline always love doing a new AbbyFabby Photo shoot and the girls recently updated their headshots! It was time to have a recent set on hand for their reps to use for castings, and the images show just how much the girls have grown this year! Madeleine rocked the tank top and plaid shirt look, and tying it around her waist definitely brings back a fun 90s look! Caroline’s photos burst with energy where she’s wearing the red tank top and she loved the braid in her hair for her other look. It is always fun having new photos to use in the industry, and also exciting to see them in the gallery so make sure to take a look!

June 28, 2018

Welcome to a fresh new look for Madeleine and Caroline’s website! The girls recently did a headshot shoot with Dan Howell and the photos were perfect to update the main and gallery layouts on their website. A thank you goes out to Sarah for the fun new designs!

Madeleine and Caroline loved getting to work with Dan Howell for their new headshots. Spending time in his NYC studio they did multiple looks, used a variety of backdrops, and enjoyed doing different poses for the camera. This was not Caroline’s first time working with Dan…she shot with him early on for Simplicity and it was fun to be back and working with him once again. The girls headshots came out fabulously and you can view the new images in the gallery!

September 14, 2017

Madeleine and Caroline had a very fun summer, full of visiting new places, lots of adventures, and of course…a new photoshoot! The girls took advantage of a nice warm sunny day to get some new photos taken and send their manager some updated shots. Madeleine looks so grown up in her photos with the brick wall backdrop, and was full of smiles and poses for the camera. Caroline incorporated one of the best parts of summer into some of her shots…the ice cream truck! She totally rocked both of her outfit choices during her part of the shoot, and the images can now be found in the gallery. What a fantastic set of photos so make sure to take a look!

January 18, 2017

This warmer winter weather we had last month made for a fantastic day to have an outdoor photoshoot! Madeleine and Caroline enjoyed turning a park into a backdrop for their photos as they smiled, tested out different poses, and got some pictures perfect for updating their manager with to get everything set for 2017 auditions. This time around the girls took a couple of photos together as well, capturing sweet sister moments on the playground. Make sure to view the latest AbbyFabby Photo shoot in the gallery!

September 14, 2016

Madeleine and Caroline always love getting to do a new photoshoot. They enjoy posing for photos, seeing the final images, and they get excited when it is time to send them off to their manager so that they can be submitted for castings. The girls recently did a new shoot with AbbyFabby Photo and the images came out great! Madeleine was full of smiles and Caroline enjoyed doing different poses, even incorporating a flower from the garden in one of her shots. The images can now be viewed in the gallery, make sure t take a look!

July 8, 2016

Welcome to Madeleine and Caroline’s Official Website! Here you will find all of the latest news, images, and media for the girls and their careers. Madeleine has been seen in a commercial for Walmart, on Fox News, and in Kiwi Magazine. Caroline has done multiple shoots for Toys R Us, and you may recognize her from her role in Zoolander 2. Her commercial for Publix is currently airing! We’d like to thank Sarah of Serberry Designs for our amazing layouts for the site and don’t forget to sign the guestbook, we’d love to hear from you!

To begin the first of many exciting updates here at Madeleine and Caroline’s website is the girls latest set of photos! They both love when the camera comes out to update their images for their manager to use for castings. With the nice weather out they did the shoot outdoors, and what a great set of photos! Madeleine was busy showing off her fun and serious sides, changing her poses and facial expressions around with each picture captured. Caroline used the flowers and tree to her advantage to add to the background in her pictures. With her adorable smile, she loved taking photos, and now to see what the second half of 2016 brings for the girls!