Valencia Sisters

August 20, 2021

Back to school shopping is on at Target and their Cat & Jack line has many stylish outfits to rock that first day. If you’re shopping in your local store make sure to pop by the girls apparel section as you will hopefully find Caroline on their new signage! She appears above the tanks table sporting a skirt, t-shirt and white denim jacket combo. It was very exciting for her to see it in person, and Caroline recreated her pose in the ad while capturing a photo of her in front of her in-store sign. If you happen to see Caroline’s photo in your local store make sure to post it to Instagram with your city and state and tag her account @carolinejvalencia so she can see where across the country it is being found!

April 21, 2021

The industry is still in COVID recovery however Caroline has been fortunate to work on a couple of fun projects and two of those are shoots for Gymboree and Adidas! An image from each has surfaced with Caroline appearing on Gymboree’s social media and the Adidas websites for multiple countries. It has been so nice to be back on set working and that makes the release of these photos even more special. They mark some of what has been accomplished in this industry thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone in the business to find safer ways during this time to be able to continue to keep projects moving forward. The new images have been added to the gallery, and keep an eye out as Caroline recently filmed a commercial for AT&T!

May 2, 2020

Caroline had a fabulous time working for Scholastic shooting a series of family and individual photos for their promotional material a couple years back. Recently she has been spotted on their website including in one of their catalogs! It was so much fun to see a photo from the shoot being used and that teachers and families across the country are seeing her image as they browse through ordering books and other educational materials. If you have any Scholastic catalogs or browse them online make sure to keep an eye out for Caroline!

April 26, 2020

One of the most exciting things about modeling for a clothing company is getting to try on all of the different outfits, and Caroline loved showing off dresses from the latest collection for Pippa & Julie! From formal events to your every day attire Caroline was given several looks to shoot and even got to make a new friend in the process. Her images can currently be seen throughout the company’s website and she loved seeing all of the shots they chose to use of her from the shoot. A big thank you goes out to the team at Pippa & Julie for a wonderful day on set and make sure to keep an eye out for Caroline when shopping their collection!

April 4, 2020

Target is the gift that keeps on giving and Madeleine has had images surfacing on their website for the last several months. From being ready for a fun fancy evening out to a day by the pool and her love for Frozen she has several new images that have surfaced of her modeling apparel from some of their latest collections. Maddie loved doing all of the wardrobe changes, hair styles, and more that went into creating these different looks for the shots and the team behind the scenes at the shoot were incredible to work with! You’d be amazed at how much time and work goes into bringing each shot together and it has been so exciting to browse the girls apparel section of the Target site and see new images pop up. What an amazing experience and Maddie hopes to get to be back in the Target studio once again when it is safe to do so. Stay safe everyone!

January 20, 2020

One of the highlights of 2019 for Madeleine was working for Target! Going into their studio and working with a wonderful team of people made for such a great experience, not to mention the fact that she got to model a variety of outfits for them! What a dream to get to wear all of the dresses. graphic tees, accessories and everything in between and additional images from her shoots with them have been added to the gallery! Maddie loved modeling a large selection of outfits from the Art Class line, and with the classic patterns and comfy fit she couldn’t wait for these items to hit store shelves to have her own shopping spree. Make sure to keep an eye out for her photos when shopping online, and Maddie cannot wait to see what 2020 brings!

December 1, 2019

The holiday season is here and this year there is a new set of Caroline’s work images to look for in stores! If you go in or pass by a GAP Factory store at your local mall make sure to take a look as she has two images currently up! One can be seen hanging in the window and if you make your way to the girls apparel section you should hopefully find her second shot. She loves stopping by to see her images up in different locations while out and about, and hopefully some of you have already seen her too whether doing some Christmas shopping or taking on some fantastic Black Friday deals. Caroline is so excited for everyone to see her across the country so make sure to take a photo and tag her on Instagram!

If you are in the New York City area this week Madeleine and Caroline have some VERY exciting news! They are now both members of the Broadway Youth Ensemble and will be making their Carnegie Hall debut this Thursday, December 5th at 8pm. You will be in for a very fun and musical holiday show, and the girls are really looking forward to performing with everyone.

September 14, 2019

You can find all of the hottest trends in girls fashion at Target and Madeleine is the expert because she can be seen all over their website modeling the latest looks! From dresses to Halloween and everything in between Maddie got to try on a variety of outfits and it was quite the busy and fun time on set. The images have been surfacing the last couple of weeks and Maddie loved how they accessorized the outfits she got to model by adding some fun cat ears and bags to hold. All of the outfits were so fun, she loved having a sneak peek at what was to come in store, and left her shoot with a long list of items she wanted for her own wardrobe once they hit the store shelves. When browsing the girls clothing section on the Target site keep an eye out for Madeleine and over forty images from her Target shoot can already be found in the gallery!

April 12, 2019

Some of the best days at school are the ones spent with friends, going on field trips, doing an exciting project and some…are the ones you spend there when the school is closed, working with a team of people and cameras flashing because you are shooting for Scholastic! Madeleine’s shoot for the company has surfaced and features her along with several classmates working with their teachers and doing various learning exercises. From working at her desk to helping unpack a box of new resources for the classroom there are a lot of new photos which have just been added to the gallery.

Caroline’s shoot for the company has also surfaced making it double the Scholastic fun! Hers was more of a lifestyle shoot showing her on her own and with various pretend family members as they read books together and use various devices in their home. She loved getting to work with the baby they had on set especially, and there were a whole lot of laughs that day. Both of the girls shoots can pop up just about anywhere for the company so make sure to keep an eye out whether you’re online, browsing the book order flyers or shopping their book fair, you just never know!

April 19, 2018

Caroline loves working for Kohl’s and last year she was seen not only for the spring/summer collection of their Jumping Beans line of kids apparel, but the fall/winter one too! Her images were spotted in flyers, in stores, online, she was everywhere and it was so much fun to see where she was going to appear next. The company used multiple shots from the shoot, and friends and family were kind enough to send along photos of her in their local ads and stores which have now been added to the gallery.

Behind the scenes Caroline got to work with one of her friends again whom she shot with for the spring shoot as well. The girls had fun laughing and playing in front of the cameras, and even got to use a see-saw! It is always a fun day when working for Kohl’s and Caroline hopes to get to do it again one day soon!