Valencia Sisters

March 22, 2020

The Noggin app from Nickelodeon is full of all kinds of fun videos, ideas, and Caroline hosts a series on there called Science Saves the Day! Working with some of your Nick Jr. favorites from shows such as Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol she uses science experiments to help solve their problems. Thanks to Caroline’s brilliant ideas viewers are able to explore their love of science and how it helps in the world around us. The first two episodes have been released and check out Caroline in the media section as she has fun conducting science experiments for viewers. Remember, Science Saves the Day!

May 31, 2018

Technology in this industry is constantly evolving and it is a fun day on set when you get to try something new! Caroline filmed her first 360 video not too long ago and we now have a copy of it. It was for the healthcare company Novo Nordisk and she can be seen at the pool having fun on the deck. She goes up to see her grandmother….and things take a bit of a scary turn there for a moment. Not only can the project be found in the media section, but there is also a behind the scenes video featuring clips of Caroline as she rehearses with the director and has some fun on set. What a fantastic shoot, complete with getting to swim in the pool with Madeleine afterwards, and thank you to everyone involved for a fun day!

February 5, 2018

Caroline had a fabulous time on set for Kate Spade a couple of months ago as she and several new friends took to the NYC streets dressed as ballerinas! Braving the cooler temperatures these little dancers were busy running circles around the adult model in the intersection as they laughed, waved their wands, and it was all captured in a video for the company. Make sure not to blink as Caroline goes by pretty quickly in the footage, and then head over to the media section as well for some fun behind the scenes clips!

August 22, 2017

It has been quite the busy summer for the Valencia sisters and for Madeleine that involved a booking for Hot Pockets! She was so excited to head into the city to film a demo video for the company and it was quite the fun day. She made lots of new friends among the crew backstage as she got her hair and make up done, and then got on set to film her role in the project. Even though it was a hard days work at hand, there was definitely time for some behind the scenes photos and those have been added to the gallery, make sure to check them out!