Valencia Sisters

September 13, 2021

Get ready for a fresh new look because Madeleine and Caroline’s website has been completely revamped! Every section has a new set up as we have moved over to a new background system, and that also means it is time for new layouts! A big thank you goes out to Kaci for our theme and layout designs. Take a look around, watch some videos, and view the new look in the gallery too. Hopefully everyone enjoys the upgraded website!

Additionally, hopefully everyone is ready for photoshoots galore as Maddie and Caroline have been busy in front of the camera working with some incredible photographers! Shoots with Elizabeth Pettey, Mai Tilson, and Rafael Clemente have been added and it is amazing how each photographer is able to capture a different personality and style for Madeleine and Caroline in their session. Rafael brings the edgier look while Mai brings elegance and style, and Elizabeth’s shoots are colorful and full of fun. Madeleine and Caroline’s most recent sessions include shoots with Dan Howl and Nina Ottolino and those are also in the gallery with Nina’s shoot images featured in both new designs! The girls love working with Dan Howl who has been photographing not only them over the years, but their Mom growing up too! Meanwhile, Nina’s shoot incorporated some fantastic outdoor shots and the sister shots are among favorites, they totally rocked the trench coat style! Make sure to keep checking back as there are some exciting updates and news coming soon!

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