Valencia Sisters

July 13, 2017

Caroline has been popping up all over the place for Kohl’s! She shot for the Jumping Beans clothing line that they sell and you can tell she and her friends had a whole lot of fun at this shoot. Her images have been spotted online, in the flyers and even in the store. You may have taken a double look yourself if walking through the kids department at your local location. She and the other girls loved posing for that big group shot and the company picked it as one of their favorites too!

Behind the scenes Caroline had a fantastic day at work. She was happy to bring Madeleine with her to the shoot, and quickly the girls made a new friend. There were lots of laughs and giggles on set, which we have a fun look at some of the shots captured that day thanks to the big monitors at the shoot. The images can be found in the gallery, and keep an eye out for Caroline as she has a new Kohl’s shoot that has just begun to surface!

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