Valencia Sisters

March 20, 2018

Madeleine and Caroline had an amazing day shooting for Lego last year! They got to meet new friends, work for one of the coolest toy companies, and after a fun time on set the images began surfacing just in time for the holiday season. Madeleine was spotted on the Lego website and in various online ads, while both of the girls made the in-store posters! If you passed by your local Lego store while doing your holiday shopping you would have seen each of them in a square on the poster in the main window, and Madeleine also headed the “Pick and Build” section in stores. From New York to Chicago to Toronto the girls were everywhere! One of the biggest surprises however was Madeleine’s window display at Macy’s in New York City, and make sure to view the images from this exciting project in the gallery.

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